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Global Product Sourcing
White Beadboard Panels
Aromatic CedarMate Panel & Plank
Global Product Sourcing LLC
is a National Distributor of specialty products that are widely used in homes and
commercial projects both in renovations and new construction.
GPS LLC’s business platform is to define and develop products that are ideally suited for our market. These products are sourced
from global regions that have the best natural resources and are manufactured to our strict environmental and quality standards.
Today GPS LLC’s product line includes high quality decorative wall coverings and interior décor products. Decorative real wood
planking products, veneer paneling, decorative designed wall panels that look and feel like faux hand painting, natural stone finish
and LifeStyle wall panels are all part of GPS LLC’s product offering. GPS LLC also produces a full line of traditional wood grain
paneling on plywood and composite substrate. A leader in Aromatic Cedar products, GPS LLC’s product line includes CedarMate
veneer panels and solid CedarMate planking.
GPS LLC products are marketed nationally and through Amerhart in the midwest which supplies Retailers, DIY Home Centers and
Professional Lumberyards.
GPS Product Offering
lanking Selection
• Solid Beadboard Oak • Knotty Pine Beadboard & Edge-V
• Pacific Knotty Cedar • Primed MDF Beadboard
Aromatic CedarMate Products
• CedarMate Planking • CedarMate Veneer Panels
Paneling Products
• Decorator Panel Series • Classic Wood Veneer Panel Series
• Wood Grain Panel Series • White Beadboard Panel Series
Eco-Tileboard Products
• Solid White/Marker Board Panel • Tile Designed Panels
Tongue and Groove Planks -
Package covers 15 sq. ft.
• Solid Aromatic Cedar with Edge-V profile
• End matched, tongue and groove for quick and easy installation
White Beadboard Panels
White Beadboard Panels are look like authentic beadboard
planking. The rounded bead design is deep and spaced 2" apart.
Panels are machined at the edges (left and right sides) to hide
the joint, giving a seamless installation. Panels are finished in
white or can be painted to coordinate with color choices.
Veneer Panel - 1/4" x 4' x 8'
• Aromatic Cedar veneer face and back, solid MDF core
• Economically priced—less than planking
Aromatic CedarMate
Use for closet lining, closet shelving and back lining, chest lining,
drawer lining, cabinet interior lining, decorative wall paneling
and more!
Aromatic CedarMate Planking
Aromatic CedarMate Veneer Panel
MDF Beadboard Panel/Primed Beadboard Planking