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Dear RiponParents andCommunityMembers:
Fromexcellent academics to richarts andexcitingathletics, theRiponAreaSchool District provides
something for everyone. Weareproudof our students and staff and their accomplishments, both in
andout of theclassroom.
Over thepast fewyears,we’vemadegreat progressdevelopingeducational initiatives tobetter prepare
our students for careers, collegeand lifeafter high school. We’vealsobeenexploringways toupdate
our aging schools.
This is aparticularlygood time toconsider ouroptionsbecause in2016 theDistrict
will payoff a large loan.
Thisdrop indebt paymentswill reduce the tax impact of anynewspending.
Ultimately, theBoard is committed toestablishingaFacilitiesMaster Planbasedon theprioritiesof
Therefore,weneedyour input through this community-widesurvey. Weareworkingwith
School Perceptions, aWisconsin-based firmwithexpertise inconducting school surveys, toassist us
withour datagatheringefforts. All surveydata is returned toSchool Perceptions andyour identitywill
TosaveonDistrict expenses,weencourageyou to take thesurveyonlinebeforeMay5:
1. Go to thewebsite:
2. Enter theSurveyAccessNumber:
Take the survey!
To receiveadditional surveys for other adults inyour household, pleasecall theDistrictOfficeat
(920) 748-4600. If youdonot have Internet accessor prefer tocomplete thepaper survey, pleasedrop
it off at a school officeormail it to:
School Perceptions
Slinger,WI 53086
Final survey resultswill be reportedat theMay19
Boardof Educationmeetingandwill alsobe
availableon Thankyou for taking the time tocomplete
this survey. Your thoughts and thoseof your neighborswill shape the futureof ourDistrict.
School BoardPresident
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